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Prior to starting any physical training, it is HaO’s recommendation you have a medical examination.

All training programs need to be specific to the individual and event. Your body needs time to adapt, grow and develop to a level that will make it possible for you to safely take part.

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Everybody who registers will have a different fitness level - some beginners, some veterans. The key is to get a programme that suits you as an individual, fits in with your lifestyle and is within your ability.

We at HaO are big fans of road and trail running, circuit sessions, boot-camps and body weight exercise. As you are reading this online, you should be able to pull up a search engine, type ‘Obstacle Course Race training programme’, browse through the numerous options and pick one. There is no point starting to train a week before the event so remember to leave plenty of time to prepare.

Obstacle course races (OCRs) usually contain various elements that test both upper and lower muscle groups with some ground to cover in between. The obstacles are arranged so that those which exercise the same groups of muscles are separated from one another, giving time to aid recovery until the next element.


"Think of it as a nice hike through the woods with friends, finding fun stuff to do along the way".
Juliana Sproles AKA ‘SHARK’

A running program should be your first step for building endurance. If you’re new to running, consider joining a local running club to get assistance from experienced runners who can help train and give advice as you become fitter.  This will allow you to build up a moderate level of fitness, to introduce new training methods and develop skills.

Some of you may lift weights and whilst this can be great for strength, bench pressing 200kg is not going to get you over a wall or up a rope. Make your training specific for OCR.

The course will require you to lift your own bodyweight, crawl, run, jump, pull, push, manoeuvre over, under and through manmade and natural obstacles. Focus on increasing the number of reps you can complete for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, dips, press-ups and squats.

If you need to get assistance to complete repetitions then get it. Have a spotter, use elastic or weight machines to aid you.

Luckily for you, here at HaO you are not alone. We encourage teamwork and camaraderie and during the event it is your duty to help other competitors and theirs to help you.

If you are struggling to complete an obstacle, others will come to your aid and if you see someone in difficulty, return the favour. Better still, if you are in a team, your mates can come to the rescue.

After all - exercise is cheaper than therapy!