2025 Dates TBA

Teen and mini OAK

Teen and mini Oak returns in 2025!

Teen and mini Oak is the Ultimate Adventure!

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Parents take note

All participants need to be registered by a parent / guardian or as an organiser of a group you need to gain consent from their parent / guardian*.

To help organise a group and get the correct permissions please use the downloads above.

If you are 16 or 17 years old you can also take part in the main 10km HaO event but only if you have a chaperone (18 or older) participating also, this is a one to one ratio.

For our mini OAK event, as an adult you have the option of jogging along (free) with your 'mini'. If you are doing this you need to register yourself with your minor.

* As group organiser it is your responsibility to make sure anyone YOU purchase tickets for agrees to our T&C’s, you can download and print the PDF’s - ‘Minors group signup’, ‘Parental Consent form’ and ‘Minor’s Terms & Conditions’, this will cover you, us and anyone’s minor(s) who signs the sheet.

How do I register a group of teens and minis?

Option 1 - Pay for yourself and share

After you register your minor(s) all you do is share the date and start time so any others who are interested can then register their minor(s).

Option 2 – Paying for everyone at once

You can pay for a group all at once, this can be useful if you are using the company / community / club credit-debit card or as a group organiser you have collected entry fees and want to register everyone.

During registration you do not have to ‘create a team’ because you purchased all the tickets, on event day you will all collect your wristbands in one go.