Hi Folks,
I am writing to inform you that Hard as OAK has been cancelled indefinitely. A full refund has been issued to all participants into the account used when registering.
After starting Hard as OAK in 2015 and growing to 3000 participants in 2019 we were on course for a record-breaking year in 2020 with sales up 33% by the start of March. We had designed a new course with obstacles not found on any other course in the world, we were stoked to bring people from all over the UK to our wee event between Claudy and Drumahoe.
The real reason for the closure of Hard as OAK was not the Covid pandemic, yes it was the reason we rescheduled from June 2020 to August 2020 but it was the fact we had no event parking. Since the beginning of Hard as OAK we have used a field on the site to park, it was flat, dry, easily accessible. It had two gates, perfect for vehicles and we even laid a gravel lane around to assist movement. We had two accesses onto the A6 with a one-way system in operation and it worked a treat even as our event expanded.
Then in September 2017 the majority of our car park was vested for the new A6 dual carriageway. In 2018 we were still allowed to use the vested area, so the event went ahead. In 2019 we were lucky enough to have a neighbour lease a part of their field. We had the lease again for June 2020 (lockdown) but not for August 2020 as the land had been leased to another. We tried everything, we talked to every landowner with land bordering our site and even looked at busing participants but these alternatives all failed for a multitude of various reasons.
The Department of Finance (DFI) appointed engineers (Aecom) to provide accommodation works for people like ourselves who have been affected by the vesting for the new A6 road. They even offered us a new car parking area which we accepted but then they reneged on the agreement when they found out we did not own the land for their proposal. They then had the nerve to try and squirm out of offering anything saying we were not being affected by the new road so do not need replacement parking. We even negotiated with a neighbouring Landowner who agreed to sell replacement parking to solve the issue in 2018 but was told by DFI to not intervene and just submit a claim. Since then the Landowner’s circumstances have changed and they do not want to sell. DFI are most definitely not on our Christmas list.
For all those that have been waiting for replies we apologise, staff have been on furlough and we have been holding out for as long as possible before we have come to the point of no return.
I would rather lay the facts out there for everybody to see. I want to say thanks to our volunteers, marshals, employees, vendors, service providers and everyone else who had helped turn the Faughan Valley into one of the greatest obstacle course events about.
Hard as OAK Event Director – Richard Allen

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